What Is the Importance of a Responsive Website?

With the alarming rise of mobile users around the world, one needs to build their websites such that they fit the mobile screens (i.e. they should be responsive).

One quick way of designing a responsive website is by using themes that are responsive by default. People often mistake responsive website and mobile-friendly websites to be the same. But, mobile-friendly websites are the ones, which look good on mobiles, but are hard to navigate on devices with higher resolution.Responsive websites are the ones, which fit devices of any screen size and are easy to view on all.

In short, people who view responsive websites don’t notice much difference on mobiles, tablets or iPads etc.Here are few benefits of using responsive website design for your business.

Increased Mobile Traffic

Earlier, businesses used to create two versions of a website:one for mobile and another for desktop. Few webmasters follow this even today. But, this is very time consuming and also complex to handle.With the increasing mobile traffic, you can easily retain the mobile viewers on a site that has no navigational issues.

Cost of Maintenance Is Low

Yes, you heard it right. Having a responsive website design is very much beneficial when compared to having two different versions (mobile and desktop) of the same site. Also, the cost incurred in two different versions of the same site is pretty high. Instead of maintaining two versions, you can use the responsive design and dedicate the remaining time to improve other parts of the business.

Provides the Best User Experience

Having a responsive design helps you to sort out issues like jumbling text, poor navigation on mobile screen, and other navigational issueson your sites. To avoid scenarios like that, make sure you provide the best user experience to your visitors.

Also, if the navigation is poor, visitors are likely to move out of your site very soon. This has a negative effect on your website rankings in search engines.

These are few reasons that substantiate the importance of responsive website design. Hope you would use a responsive theme for your website from now on to get the best results out of it.

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